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10/29/2021 01:38:54 PM


Weekly Announcement

These are the announcements for Shabbos this week. 

Good Shabbos to all!


Sunday Shacharis                                                                                       7:30, 8:30

Sunday Mincha/Maariv                                                                                      5:40

Sunday – Thursday Maariv                                                                                 9:15

Monday, Thursday Shacharis                                                                   6:10,7:15

Tuesday, Wednesday Shacharis                                                               6:20,7:15

Friday Rosh Chodesh                                                                                  6:00,7:15

Candle Lighting                                                                                                    5:36

Mincha/Kabbalas Shabbos/Maariv                                                                  5:40

Shabbos Shacharis                                                                                               8:30

Shabbos Mincha                                                                                                  2:30

Mincha/Shalosh Seudos                                                                                     5:25

Motzei Shabbos Maariv                                                                                      6:44

Havdalah (50 minutes)                                                                                       6:44


Early Shacharis for Monday, Thursday and Friday will be delayed so that Yishtabach is said 1 hour before Neitz.

Kiddush is sponsored by Thurm family commemorating the first yahrzeit of Gittel Miriam bas R’ Yaakov a’h (Gloria Thurm)”

Mishmar was sponsored by the Avivi Family.

Youth groups are held from 9:00 AM  through the end of Mussaf: Mommy and Me, Children ages 3-5, Girls Age 6-9, Boys Age 6-7, and Boys Age 9-10. 


Ten Minute Chaburah, Yossi Goldman, Following Mussaf.

Halacha Chaburah, Michael Lavner, Shabbos at 4:40 PM.

Chovos Halevavos Shaar Habitachon, R’ Hersch Goldberger, Sunday at 9:30 PM.

Semichas Chaver Program, Rav Lesser, Monday at 8:15 PM.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Mishmar ($72), Kiddush ($95, $150, $250, $360), Shalosh Seudos ($95), and Ner L'Maor / Parnes Hachodesh for the month ($150) are available for sponsorship through or a Gabbai.

Sign up for a future Kiddush:, or in the Shul Lobby.

Thu, June 8 2023 19 Sivan 5783